Tuesday, March 8, 2011

WBC - Blackboard

So I have been fiddling around with Blackboard for the last couple days on my Computer Sci 30s course (I will be teaching it this term coming up).  I have to say I was pretty impressed - the layout was very intuitive and clean.  To me thats a huge first step - most of the screen could be used for what I wanted to do - not with side bars, top bars, bottoms bars, popups, etc.  I liked that there was an easy to use calendar and email system.  I really liked that to send e-mails it had a number of options to send to different groups that was 'right there' easy to find and such. I also ran through the assignments that were available and they were really useful - it not only had explanations for you but one of them even had an example of the 'program' they were going to develop.  Anyone could simply click on the link with the assignment and the program would load.  Depending on what topics in the class I am going to be teaching are I may very well use some of the resources on Blackboard for my f2f teaching this term and I would be very interested in using it to augment a f2f classroom of my own in the future.  The ability to have students connect with material outside of the classroom alone would make it worth the effort.

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