Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Whats going on in School's TODAY...or at least what should be!

So on Tuesday we had a Skype conference with George Couros! (George is evil!! I'm actually kidding I just want to know if gets this on his Google Alert thingy!  George if you are reading this let me know!)
Anyway, I think if I were living in Alberta I'd be applying for a job at his school because I think his philosophy is EXACTLY what we need to have more of in schools.  I completely agree that students should be able to use more and more and MORE tech in the classroom and that ultimately all students are going to be bringing in their own laptops, iPod’s, BlackBerry’s, etc. to do their school work.  The internet is far too powerful a tool for research and the sharing of ideas or work not be used by students, teachers, whoever!
I also completely (and I really can't relate in words how completely) agree that schools have to STOP trying to prevent students from possibly stumbling on something 'bad' or more likely controversial; and instead move to a philosophy where teachers discuss how to use the internet responsibly and safely.  This is not only good for schools but it’s important for society; and currently the only institution capable of teaching internet responsibility to students is the school system.


  1. Tim, I am finally posting on your blog. I like what Mr. Couros is doing in his school. Starting his students off on technology at a young age is excellent, if this sort of thing started at the high school level I do not think it would yield the same results. I do think that students should be allowed to bring in their own technology into the schools because that is how the world is changing.
    One point I will add is, that it is important not to do everything via technology; a human connection is far more powerful than a connection through a device. A nice blended approach it what I will be using in my classes.

  2. Evil hey? ;)

    Thanks for your kind words and I appreciate the open thinking. I agree with Andrew's comment regarding a blended approach. We just talk about technology because it is new to our school, but nothing will ever replace the importance of the relationships that we create with out students. It is absolutely imperative that we continue to build that.

    That being said, a teacher that builds strong relationships and then uses technology effectively will do some fantastic things!

    Thanks again for your post!

  3. I totally agree with Andrew here. Numerous times I've seen teachers using technology just for the sake of using technology. Technology is supposed to help make things easier, but sometimes it is easier to do things the way we always have(ex. actually flipping a coin rather than using the Smartboard to do it).

  4. lol i like the coin example and I agree entirely about a blended approach as well! Tech is a tool to make things more relevant and effective. It allows better productivity and allows access to greater resources. Its not something that you use just to use.