Monday, February 21, 2011

ICT in the Classroom

So Shaun and I are going to be presenting on ICT devices in the classroom.  Although very few people would argue that ICT should not be in the classroom - a lot of educators and school divisions do not allow or provide personal ICT devices in the classroom.  Seeing as this is a tech class in education we decided not to argue for or against ICT in the classroom, but instead we asked the question:

As an educator, what would make the best personal ICT device for the classroom?

This led us to other questions like:
What does the perfect personal ICT device look like?  What features does it have?

So - basically to decide this for ourselves we created a criteria for what we felt would make the perfect personal device and then we rated the 3 big categories: Smart Phones, Tablets, and Laptops against them.  Finally, we added up our scores and then included a final annalysis of what we felt about each device!

If you want to check out our presentation its available on Google Docs here:

See ya all tomorrow!


  1. Liked the consumer reports type style of your presentation Tim and Shaun. Was that the inspiration behind it?? At this point I'm torn to say whether or not there is a perfect personal ICT device. After having the ipad I have to say that I'm in like with the ipad. I love how efficient it is and how easy it is to throw in my purse. Plus I love how awesome and pretentious I can feel if I take it with me to Starbucks. BUT... I hate that I would never really be able to type on it. Touch screens are irritating. So, that being said, I'd have to say a laptop would still be the winner for me. I would really love if schools could eliminate all the paper. I WISH a students school list consisted of "laptop". It would be so much easier to have textbooks online, have students email me papers/assignments, and get rid of gross/messy binders. In my opinion anyways!
    Good job with your presentation, it is certainly something to consider, and obviously not everybody would have the same opinions!!!

  2. I thought you guys did an excellent job creating and presenting the material. It was good to see your reasoning and explanations behind the ratings the various devices recieved. I may not of agreed with you 100%, but it probably would have been pretty close to.