Sunday, February 27, 2011

Westcast - Couros

Ok so I attended Westcast this week and was lucky enough to have had Alec Couros as one of the keynote speakers. Alec is a pretty remarkable educator and is responsible for some pretty big ideas in the Internet Education world. One of his major beliefs is that education has to become far more open, and flexible in this new networked era. When people can connect with anything at anytime just about anywhere then teaching and the classroom has to shift with it. It's a powerful and really positive idea I think! One of the great things about Alec is that he puts his ideas into practice Alec actually puts his grad courses online and has people from all over the world watch via the internet! What a cool idea! Honestly I have too much to say about Alec right now so I'll leave it at that and come back and write some more when I have more time! If you are interested in seeing more (and also seeing Mike singing) check out Alec's blog at:

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  1. Sounds like a worthwhile session. If you do find the time it would be nice to get some more of Alec's insights and what he reccomends teachers and administrators do in order to facilitate this change. Also, what did Alec mean by education having to become far more open? In terms of sharing, or did he have a different meaning?