Tuesday, January 11, 2011

John Evans

I enjoyed John's chat - especially when he just let us check out some of the tools he was talking about.  I think the idea of having a PLN is really important - there is no doubt that the Internet is giving everyone the ability to connect like never before, it almost renews the idea that the internet was supposed to fulfil - being a tool to connect professions from around the world to share and improve society - instead of the uglier, frivilous network that most people use it as.
Right now I doubt that the PLN network includes all (or even many) of the teachers out there but I completely believe that it will be the way of the future - as more and more of us 'computer' generation students become the mainstay of the teaching profession a larger and larger preportion of teachers will be invovled and the effectiveness of the PLN will increase.
All in all a pretty great presentation.

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  1. Ya, I enjoyed this presentation too. Lots of good info, but I found myself a little overwhelmed at all the stuff already available for us teachers. And I think you're right Tim, most teachers likely aren't even on it yet, so this resource will just explode over the next couple of years.